Real Estate Consulting


Consumer-Centric, Results-Focused Consulting

The traditional approach is often far too “one size fits all.” List of wants, list of houses available, property visits, and sign. Mary Anne takes a different approach. Your Experience is custom tailored to your specific needs, and what you are looking for today, while keeping in mind what you’re going to be looking for 5, 10 or even 15 years from now. Below is Mary Anne’s description of her approach to bringing you a personally-tailored, no-pressure home buying experience

Real estate professionals, with their service, touch the lives of millions of individuals and families across the globe.  If my professional skills are honed and enriched by my experience and education, then I can positively impact the lives of all those I touch. I am a seasoned and committed real estate professional with 30 years of experience that can team with you and your legal and financial professional partners, as we collectively form a winning team for you.

 As a consultant for you, I will work with you to set predetermined checkpoints and customize your real estate experience, with complete transparency and integrity.

Your real estate experience should not be a “one size fits all” traditional real estate approach.

I have owned or still own 11 second homes in other states and have helped many clients buy and sell and lease second homes. I am a broker in seven states: Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida. I have owned a multifamily apartment complex, campus properties, and many duplexes and have helped others buy and sell these same properties. I have helped my clients buy and lease both commercial and professional properties. I have done a 1031 Tax Deferred exchange and have a self-directed IRA, using qualified intermediaries and financial advisors.

Let me help you move seamlessly towards your results-focused outcome, helping you make wise real estate decisions in a no pressure situation. Call me for an appointment and we will have tea or coffee in a relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere at my consulting office.

Mary Anne Simmons is a member of the International Association of Real Estate Consultants (IAREC) and a Consumer Certified Real Estate Consultant. (C-CREC). She is a consumer-centric real estate consultant and if you are a bit disillusioned and searching for a trusted advisor, she is the one who can help you make wise real estate decisions.